Starting To Plan

As I sit here eating the cookie dough that my son just brought me….not kidding… I am contemplating the plan I will set forth to change my ways.  And taking my honesty approach, I admit I will need some help.  And I’m going to need to do things in stages.

(Yes, I’m aware of the dangers of raw eggs and raw flour…please do not feel the need to educate me.)

I’m going to need to get some help.  Just like my friend and I going to the gym and depending on each other….I am going to need to figure out how much I’m willing to be accountable to someone else,  and make some new friends who can give me some strategies….and from that I’ll need to take some ideas.

My needs and wants…   I guess it’s time for more lists.  This is just the way my mind works.  If anyone is reading this, I hope you make your own lists…I doubt whether everything on mine will match up with yours.  But then again, if you’re not motivated to make a stinking list, then just keep reading.. lol  I won’t judge you.

Things I need to do, find or incorporate into my daily habits. (Not all at once.)

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Eat less sugar.
  3. Eat less carbs.Eat more veggies.
  4. Eat more protein.
  5. Healthy or healthier sugar substitutes
  6. Eat breakfast….ugh…
  7. Have some healthy grab and each options, fruit, etc.
  8. Find some quick easy healthy meal and snack options, ideally prepared beforehand and then either heat and eat like tv dinners, or remove from fridge like veggie trays.

More water is obvious…it helps everything else move through…the hydration is essential to keep the body functioning.  Less sugar and carbs because I’m looking at type 2 diabetes if I don’t stop soon.  I can’t even begin to think about my poor pancreas.

Veggies…I…like veggies.  I mean…when I go to get pizza, I always crave a salad.  I never crave them at home.  So maybe I should prepare a “salad bar” in the fridge.  And keep stocked the goodies that make it special like baby corn and garbanzo beans.  Proteins are a little harder for me.  I love meats, but I don’t want to be cooking a lot of meat.  How many eggs are ok for a person?   I have the hardest time eating anything before about 2pm, unless I’m going to lunch with a friend.  I get up, maybe have coffee (yes, cream and sugar) and then I go work out and come home or immediately get in front of the computer and don’t eat anything until 2, 3, 4 or sometimes later.  Then of course I take that first bite of food and feel ravenous.

I used to keep nuts at my desk.  They were good in a pinch, but when I go to the store I convince myself I’m sick of nuts.  So I don’t buy them.  But I guarantee if they were here at my desk, they would get eaten.  I just need to freaking buy them.  And stock my fruit bowl in the kitchen.  But I think most of all is I need to go out there and find healthy stuff that I can either throw together fast with little to no prep, or start preparing meals for the week, and get them out as needed.

Things I need to limit buying, eating, drinking or doing.

  1. Soda pop and anything with HFCS or Aspartame.
  2. Sugar filled candy, desserts, etc.
  3. White bread, and most carbs
  4. Eating too close to bedtime.
  5. Rewarding myself and my kids with food.
  6. Less Starbucks and sugary coffee at home
  7. Putting too much on my plate at once
  8. Eating too fast
  9. Going back for more
  10. Eating only one thing for mealtime….
  11. Cutting down on certain types of fats

High fructose corn syrup is linked to a lot of dietary problems. Aspartame is crazy bad, and it’s in all the chewing gum now….and who knows what else.  Processed foods contain all sorts of sugars, high sodium, blah blah…all I can hope to do is eat less of them.  I can’t go without my potatoes, and I can’t stand brown rice in most things.  I have been surprised before tho.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed….I’d be curious to know how this works for others…is that if I eat in bed, or especially consume sugar or other carbs, that my heart rate goes up.  I could actually feel it, but then I started measuring it, and I was shocked.  Just sitting there in bed watching tv…I could be at 78 beats a minute and 30 minutes after sugar, it could be 90 or more.

Food as rewards is as old as well…food.  It’s just gotten less and less healthy in our options.  Finding a list of non food options will be a goal.  Maybe a massage, or a movie out with a friend, or a new shirt…I dunno.  A candy bar is just so much cheaper.  Maybe some sugar free candy.  lol  That will curb my craving.  More on that later.  I rarely get Starbucks unless I’m out with a friend.  And I can wean myself off sugary coffee at home.  I think what I’m amazed about mostly is that if I have a small coffee at home or out, I generally am ok with a small coffee.  If I get a large coffee when I’m out, I’ll drink it all.  I don’t think I notice how much I’m drinking or eating most of the time.  I just eat or drink until I can’t anymore.  Not good.  I’m thinking I might go out to eat with the intention of bringing home leftovers next time.  And if I want a bit of this or a slice of that at home, there’s no reason why I can’t sample a little of everything instead of filling up on it.  I think I’ll be trying savor smaller portions instead of hurting over larger ones.

Have you ever noticed at a restaurant, you usually have smaller portions than what you’d have at home…and yet they’re so filling.  My problem is, I don’t generally have more than one item when I eat.  I don’t have a piece of meat, with veggies and a little carb something.  I might get a big piece of meat and lots of carbs.  Rarely veggies.  Unfortunately, my kids have adopted the same pattern, which is no surprise.

I’m really not so concerned about fats right now.  I can cut down a bit, but it’s not my main concern.   Going to try to steer clear of the canola oil because of the weed killer, but mostly I’ll leave the fat concern for last after I’ve conquered everything else.  🙂